2022 China-Europe International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology (China-Euro PTT 2022)
Background of China-Euro PTT 2021

Chinese municipal pipe network has covered nearly 3 million kilometres, with about 10% of the pipes needing repair each year. In recent years, there are many human injury accidents due to road collapse which caused by pipeline disrepair. Huge water loss and inefficient operation of sewage plants due to leakage of pipeline network. Urban flooding due to blockage of pipeline network. Black and stinky river due to siltation of pipeline network and so on. There's no time to lose to govern the pipelines.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Underground Municipal Infrastructure in Cities", which issued on December 30, 2020, points out that, adhering to the working principles of systematic governance, precise policy implementation, legal promotion and innovative methods, and treating cities as organic living bodies, strengthening the use of urban underground space and the integation of municipal infrastructure. The city will be treated as an organic life form, and the use of underground space and the construction of municipal infrastructure will be strengthened. By the end of 2025, the comprehensive management information platform will be fully covered, the coordination mechanism of urban underground municipal infrastructure construction will be more sound, the efficiency of urban underground municipal infrastructure construction will be significantly improved, the safety hazards and accidents will be significantly reduced, and the safety toughness of the city will be significantly enhanced.

Trenchless techonology has the characteristics of fast, high efficiency and low environmental impact, and has been widely used in China in recent years. However, the general problem faced by the industry is that advanced trenchless techonology, equipment and materials need to be imported. That leads to China's trenchless industry is over-dependent on foreign countries, and the construction period of trenchless engineering is severely limited and the cost remains high. On the other hand, China's trenchless field research and standardisation work lag behind, lack of basic research and talents, difficulties in quality control of trenchless works. There is an urgent need to supplement the original data of various trenchless techonologies, equipment and materials. In addition, Chinese standards of trenchless engineering and materials are backward and the industry is full of chaos, which limits the industrial development and brings huge risks for the safe operation of the subsequent pipe network.

The international academic conference is organized to further promote the cause of trenchless works in China, ensure the quality of engineering construction, introduce advanced technology, equipment and materials, promote the exchange and learning of trenchless technology, enhance the level of trenchless technology in China, improve the international influence of trenchless academics in China, promote the standardisation and localisation of trenchless technology in China, and lead the healthy development of the industry.